Race Hydraulics

The Navtec Grand Prix hydraulic systems are designed to operate at pressures up to 7500 psi. Enjoying long standing relationships with multiple America’s Cup winners, as well as high performance race fleets that include the Volvo Round The World Race and TP52s, the Navtec Grand Prix Hydraulic Systems have a proven track record in performance excellence.

Autoshift 7/8 Bore Hand Pump

Developed with America’s Cup teams, the Navtec Autoshift 7/8 Bore Hand Pump provides a lightweight pump with increased flow. The latest version of the Navtec race pump increases the size of the large bore pistons to 7/8″ and the small bore pistons to 1/2″, providing the maximum flow required for Grand Prix racing. Excess material is sculpted away, ensuring that the pump is as light as possible. Coupled with the A384 Race Valve, the Authoshift 7/8 Bore Hand Pump is at the heart of Navtec race hydraulic systems.

Part NumberWeightMax PressureOutput Flow Below Shift PointOutput Flow Above Shift PointPressure PortSuction & Tank Ports
A020-03-01A5/8″ A/S Hand Pump4.15 Lbs (1.88 kg)5,000 psi (345 bar)0.22 in³/ stroke (3.61 ml/ stroke)0.68 in³/ stroke (11.14 ml/ stroke)7/16-20 JIC3/8″ Hose Barb
A020-05-01ALT TI 7/8″ A/S Hand Pump3.54 lbs (1.61 kg)7,500 psi (517 bar)0.29 in³/ stroke (4.70 ml/ stroke)1.17 in³/ stroke (19.17 ml/ stroke)7/16-20 JIC 3/8″ Hose Barb
A020-05-02ALT SS 7/8″ A/S Hand Pump3.88 lbs (1.76 kg)7,500 psi (517 bar) 0.29 in³/ stroke (4.70 ml/ stroke) 1.17 in³/ stroke (19.17 ml/ stroke) 7/16-20 JIC 3/8″ Hose Barb

A634 Rotary Autoshift Pump

The A634 Rotary Autoshift Pump is the latest in the Navtec line of rotary pumps. The A634 is the ideal choice for the manual hydraulic system on Grand Prix race yachts with a pedestal winch system. The pump can be integrated with a Lewmar light-weight carbon pedestal system, providing an ergonomic way of producing the high flow rates needed to operate cylinders in the racing environment. Manufactured from high strength alloy with extra material sculpted away to achieve the lightest pump possible, the Navtec Rotary Pump can be fitted to most manufacturer’s winch components. The A634 Rotary Pump has one shift point and a built in adjustable relief point.

WeightLengthInstallation Dimensions WidthHeightOutput Flow Low PressureOutput Flow High Pressure
2 Bank Pump5.51 lbs (2.5 kg)10.4 in (264 mm)3.6 in (91 mm)7.6 in (193 mm)0.8 gpm (2.9 lpm)0.2 gpm (0.9 lpm)
Customer ConnectionsLow Pressure High Pressure
3/8″ & 1/2″ Barb37° JIC 7/16-20
Fluid RequirementISO VG 15 or 32 Hydraulic Oil
Maximum Rotational Speed200 rpm
Output Pressure **7,500 psi / 517 bar

Optional splined input shafts accept Lewmar winch handles.
* Theoretical output at 200 RPM. Typical overall efficiency is >85%

A050 Powered Pump System

The A050 is an economical way to power your Navtec panel. It can be used with System 50 or System VIII panels. The unit is designed to operate sail control cylinders through Navtec panels.

Part NumberDescriptionLengthWeight *Flow Rate **
A050-04-J00412V 4 Quart Pump Powerpack16.0 in (406 mm)29.0 lbs (13.15 kg) 0.8 Gal/min (0.21 L/min)
A050-04-J00524V 4 Quart Pump Powerpack16.0 in (406 mm)29.0 lbs (13. 15 kg) 1.1 Gal/min (0.29 L/min)
A050-04-J00612V 3 Gal. Pump Powerpack30.5 in (775 mm)31.5 lbs (14.29 kg)0.8 Gal/min (0.21 L/min)
A050-04-J00724V 3 Gal. Pump Powerpack30.5 in (775 mm)31.5 lbs (14.29 kg)1.1 Gal/min (0.29 L/min)

Max Powerpack pressure is 3,000 psi [205bar].
A050 Assembly includes Pump power pack with integrated reservoir and inline check valve. A050 assembly must be used in conjunction with System 50 or System VIII panel.
* Weights provided are for dry pump assembly, oil not included.
** Flow rate provided at 3,000 psi.