System VIII Hydraulic Panel Specifications

The System VIII panel incorporates cam valve technology developed by Navtec. Cam valves make the System VIII easier to use and more durable at higher pressures than other systems. This is why the new System VIII panel is an ideal choice for Grand Prix race yachts and Super Yachts, which demand the highest level of performance available.

The System VIII offers improved design aesthetics and the same configuration offered in the System VII panels. The cam valves are sculpted to save weight and space. Each output has its own valve and gauge to monitor the function that it is controlling, and a relief valve that can be set individually. Flow control can be added to each valve by simply inserting flow control needles into the outlet of each valve.

The System VIII panels can be easily integrated with powered units provided by Navtec, Lewmar, winch manufacturers, or custom ship designers.

System VIII panels come in multiple configurations. Standard panels come with a hard-coated aluminum face plate. Stainless steel panels are also available.

Part NumberDescriptionPanel Length “A”Panel Height “B”Min Installation Depth “D”Weight STD AluminumWeight SS Face-plate
Complete Systems
A380-L00-01*Single-Function, Pump on Left8.25″ (209.6 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)12.2 lbs. (5.55 kg)13.4 lbs. (6.09 kg)
A380-L00-02*Two-Function, Pump on Left11.50″ (292.1 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)15.1 lbs. (6.86 kg)16.7 lbs. (7.59 kg)
A380-L00-03*Three-Function, Pump on Left14.75″ (374.7 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)18 lbs. (8.18 kg)20.0 lbs. (9.09 kg)
A380-L00-04*Four-Function, Pump on Left18.00″ (457.2 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)20.9 lbs. (9.50 kg)23.3 lbs. (10.59 kg)
A380-L00-05*Five-Function, Pump on Left21.25″ (539.8 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)23.8 lbs. (10.82 kg)26.6 lbs. (12.09 kg)
A380-L00-06*Six-Function, Pump on Left24.5″ (622.3 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)26.7 lbs. (12.14 kg)29.9 lbs. (13.59 kg)
A380-L00-02/1 **Three-Function, Pump on Left, 2 Standard Valves, 1 4-way Valve14.75″ (374.7 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)6.50″ (165.1 mm)16.6 lbs. (7.54 kg)18.8 lbs. (8.51 kg)
A380-PO-02 ***2-Speed Auto-Shift Pump-only Panel, No Control Valves4.75″ (120.7 mm)6.50″ (165.1 mm)5.50″ (139.7 mm)5.8 lbs. (2.64 kg)6.5 lbs. (2.95 kg)
A380-VGM-01 ****Single-Function, Valve+Gauge Manifold Only, no Pump5.00″ (127 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)3.1 lbs. (1.41 kg)4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)
A380-VGM-02 ****Two-Function, Valve+gauge manifold Only, no Pump8.25″ (209.6 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)6.0 lbs. (2.73 kg)7.7 lbs. (3.5 kg)
A380-VGM-03 ****Three-Function, Valve+Gauge Manifold only, No Pump11.50″ (292.1 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)8.9 lbs. (4.05 kg)11.0 lbs. (5.0 kg)
A380-VGM-04 ****Four-Function, Valve+Gauge Manifold Only, no Pump14.75″ (374.7 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)11.8 lbs. (5.36 kg)14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg)
A380-VGM-05 ****Five-Function, Valve+Gauge Manifold Only, no Pump18.00″ (457.2 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)14.7 lbs. (6.68 kg)17.6 lbs (8.0 kg)
A380-VGM-06 ****Six-Function, Valve+Gauge Manifold Only, no Pump21.25″ (539.8 mm)6.75″ (171.5 mm)4.75″ (120.7 mm)17.6 lbs. (8.0 kg)20.9 lbs. (9.5 kg)

System VIII assembly and specified weights include auto-shift pump, handle, valves, 4-quart molded reservoir, hose and in-line filter, unless otherwise indicated.
For stainless steel face-plate option, add (S) to any above part number. Example: A380SL00-01.
* Pump on right configuration available. Change (L) to (R) in any above part number. Example: A380-R00-01.
Other custom configurations available.
For cutout dimensions, subtract 1.50 in (38.1 mm) from panel dimensions.
** 4-way valve is to control double-acting (push-pull) cylinders.
*** Does not include reservoir, filter or hose.
**** Does not include reservoir or filter

A384 7500psi Valves

Standard Light CAM Valve

The Navtec Light CAM 3-position valve is the standard valve for use with a single acting M cylinder. Each manifold-mounted 7500 psi unit has an adjustable pressure relief valve, an optional flow control valve, and a non-interconnect check valve. The check valve is designed to prevent interconnection between two open valves which are controlling different cylinders. Excess material has been meticulously sculpted from the valve blocks, resulting in an incredibly lightweight solution. An optional flow control limits the cylinder release rate without restricting the pumping flow, resulting in a slow release rather than shock loading the rig. This is ideal for checkstay and jumper strut cylinders

Light 4-Way CAM Valve

The Navtec light 4-way CAM valve is designed to operate the double-acting cylinders typically used in traveller, lead puller, centerboard, and push/pull applications. The unit includes separately adjustable relief and flow control valves.

System 50 Hydraulic Panel

The System 50 Hydraulic Panel is at the heart of a Navtec hydraulic system, putting the operator in complete control of up to four functions, including halyards, Cunningham, mast jack, traveller, vang, backstay, or outhaul functions. System 50 is designed to meet the changing requirements of racing and cruising yachts in the 35 to 70 foot LOA range

  • Ease of operation. Controlled flow, gradual release valve
  • High Speed: Faster flow rate = faster response.
  • Optional auto-shift pump. Two-speed pump offers high volume and fine pump functions with adjustable shift pressure.
  • Power interface. Leading winch powerpacks can interface with, and be accurately controlled by, the System 50.
  • Protection. Relief valve provides immediate pressure release for the selected function.
  • Finish. Black anodized or stainless steel.
  • Reservoir. The standard on a single function is a two-quart reservoir, with the four-quart capacity as standard on a multi-function panel.
Part NumberDescriptionMin. Installation DepthWeight
A320-SF-01 Single-Function, Single Speed Pump3.75 in (95.3 mm)10.1 lbs (4.58 kg)
A320-SF-02Single-Function, 2 Speed Auto-Shift Pump5.50 in (139.7 mm)10.8 lbs (4.90 kg)
A320-MF-01Multi-Function, Single Speed Pump4.50 in (114.3 mm)13.0 lbs (5.90 kg)
A320-MF-02Multi-Function, 2 Speed Auto-Shift Pump5.50 in (139.7 mm)13.7 lbs (6.21 kg)
A320-SF4-01Single-Function, Single Speed Pump, with 4-way Valve *5.50 in (139.7 mm)14.3 lbs (6.50 lg)
A320-SMC-01Single to Mutli-Function Conversion KitN/A2.0 lbs (0.91 kg)

System 50 assembly includes pump, handle, valves, reservoir, hose and in-line filter.
For stainless steel faceplate option, add (S) to end of any above part number. Example: A320-SF-01S. Add 1.3 lbs to above assembly weights.
Multi-Function panels can be used to control 1,2,3 or 4 hydraulic functions.
The 2 -speed Auto-Shift pump supplies 300% more flow at low pressure.
Single-Function panel assemblies include a 2 quart molded reservoir. Multi-Function panels include a 4 quart reservoir.
* 4-way valve is to control double-acting (push-pull) cylinders.