Hydraulic Plumbing Spares

Navtec can provide all your hydraulic needs by offering a full line of hydraulic hose and fittings needed to plumb Navtec systems. Contact your Navtec agent for assistance in plumbing your system.

Low Pressure Hose

Part NumberDescription
HO-0083/8″ Low Pressure Hose/Ft.
HO-0091/2″ Lower Pressure Hose/Ft.

High Pressure Hose

HO-0013/16″ Kevlar Hose/Ft.
HO-0021/4″ Kevlar Hose/Ft.
HO-0033/8″ Kevlar Hose/Ft.
HO-0053/16″ NAVTEC Spectra Hose/Ft.

Deck Gland

A900-A013/16″ Thru Deck Gland
A900-A091/4″ Thru Deck Gland
A900-A113/8″ Thru Deck Gland

Swage End Cadmium

HB-0163/16″ Hose-1/4″ -37° JIC Swage End
HB-0181/4″ Hose-1/4″ -37° JIC Swage End
HB-0203/8″ Hose-3/8″ -37° JIC Swage End

Swage End Stainless Steel

HB-0173/16″ Hose-1/4″ -37° JIC Swage End
HB-0191/4″ Hose-1/4″ -37° JIC Swage End
HB-020-013/8″ Hose-3/8″ -37° JIC Swage End


A060-01-001 1/2″ Gauge-Series 7 Integral & System V
A060-02-032″ Gauge-System 50
HC-077-06LE Integral Gauge-Series 8 & 9

Misc. Fittings & Connectors

Part NumberDescription
HB-0931/4″ -37° JIC CAD Plug
HR-0201/4″ -37° Brass Cap
HC-074Air Valve Ass’y
HB-0851/4″ -37° CAD Straight Union
HB-0881/4″ -37° CAD “T” Union
HB-0781/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC CAD Straight Connector
HB-0681/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC CAD Elbow
HB-0661/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC CAD Long Elbow

Misc. Stainless Fittings & Connectors

HB-0861/4″ -37° SS Straight Union
HB-0891/4″ -37° SS “T” Union
HB-0791/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC SS Straight Connector
BH-0691/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC SS Elbow
HB-3351/8″ NPT 1/4″ -37° JIC SS Long Elbow

Hose Barb Fittings

HB-025125HBL-6-2 Hose Barb Straight
HB-027125HBL-6-4 Hose Barb Straight
HB-0221/8″ NPT Male x Female Elbow
HB-2423/8″ Plastic Hose Barb “T”
HB-126ID Hose Clamp (Low Pressure)


HO-012Large In-Line Filter (for 3/8″ Hose)
HO-011Small In-Line Filter (for 1/4″ Hose)

Hydraulic Spare Handles & Handle Holder

Auto-shift Pump Handle #: A031-A11
Two-speed Pump Handle #: A021-A11
One-speed Pump Handle #: A031-A11
Integral Pump Handle #: A371-A25
Handle Holder #: A021-24-01

Pump Seal & Repair Kits

A020-SK-01Seal Kit, Manual Two Speed Pump
A020-SK-02Seal Kit, Auto Shift Pump
A020-RK-01Repair Kit, Manual Two Speed Pump
A020-RK-02Repair Kit, Lt Auto Shift Pump
A020-RK-02ARepair Kit, Lt Auto Shift Pump w/ Deep Piston Seals
A030-SK-01Seal Kit, One Speed Pump
A030-RK-01Repair Kit, One Speed Pump