A260 Mechanical Lock Hydraulic Cylinder Specifications

The Mechanical Lock allows the release of hydraulic pressure on the backstay cylinder while maintaining tension. However, there is no relief valve protection, as backstay tension is mechanically locked, not hydraulically controlled. This is useful for extended passages.

Part #Cylinder SizeLength ClosedWeight STD Aluminum
A260-SE-017-1735.7 in (907 mm)8.9 lbs (4.04 kg)
A260-LE-017-1745.1 in (1146 mm)11.1 lbs (5.03 kg)
A260-SE-022-2237.7 in (957 mm)12.4 lbs (5.62 kg)
A260-LE-022-2247.7 in (1211 mm)15.2 lbs (6.89 kg)
A260-SE-030-3042.9 in (1089 mm)21.4 lbs (9.71 kg)
A260-LE-030-3053.4 in (1357 mm)26.6 lbs (12.07 kg)
A260-SE-040-4047.0 in (1194 mm)32.6 lbs (14.79 kg)
A260-LE-040-4059.0 in (1499 mm)40.4 lbs (18.33 kg)
A260-SE-048-4847.2 in (1200 mm)33.2 lbs (15.06 kg)
A260-LE-048-4859.2 in (1505 mm)41.0 lbs (18.60 kg)
A260-SE-060-6054.4 in (1381 mm)51.4 lbs (23.31 kg)
A260-LE-060-6068.4 in (1737 mm)64.0 lbs (29.03 kg)
A260-SE-076-7657.3 in (1454 mm)54.9 lbs (24.90 kg)
A260-LE-076-7672.4 in (1838 mm)67.5 lbs (30.62 kg)
A260-SE-090-9060.8 in (1544 mm)81.0 lbs (36.74 kg)
A260-LE-090-9076.4 in (1941 mm)97.0 lbs (44.00 kg)
A260-SE-110-11066.9 in (1698 mm)119.8 lbs (54.33 kg)
A260-LE-110-11084.9 in (2155 mm)145.0 lbs (65.77 kg)

See HP cylinder information for all other technical data.
Nutted pins standard -60 and above, nutted pins available on smaller sizes.
For stainless steel option, add (S) to any above part number. Example A260SSE-010.