Navtec Hydraulics

In continuous production for almost 50 years, Navtec was the pioneer and is still the leader in Hydraulic Systems for Sailboats. 
Navtec Hydraulic systems offer precise control and a significant sailing advantage for racers and cruisers. Whether your boat is a 30′ Cruiser, a Grand Prix race yacht or a 200 foot Superyacht, a Navtec Hydraulics system can be customized to meet your exact requirements. 

When Navtec Rigging Systems closed their plant in Guilford, CT, we purchased their entire Hydraulics Division, and started a separate company devoted only to Sailboat Hydraulics. 
We set up a factory in nearby Mystic, Connecticut using all the Original production, assembly and testing equipment, as well as all the existing inventory and Original prints associated with Navtec’s Hydraulics Division. Hiring the best of the original Hydraulics personnel, Navtec Hydraulics now has over 70 years of combined experience in building Navtec Hydraulics. 
Not surprisingly, every aspect of the business has improved since the focus and concentration is now on one product and one product only. 
Offering faster parts fulfillment than ever, Navtec Hydraulics now has more inventory in stock than at any time in history.